Frequently asked questions

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Can I buy a hat directly from Serratelli Hat Company?
Serratelli Hat Company is a wholesale company that sells only to authorized retailers. We do not sell hats to individuals. We can help you find a retailer near you by using our Store Locator. If the Serratelli hat you want to buy is not in stock at your local store, the retailer can special order it.
How do I clean and care for my Serratelli hat?

A Serratelli hat can last you a lifetime if properly cared for. Here are some guidelines for caring for your hat.

  • Store your hat upside down on its crown on a clean surface or in a hat box to keep the brim from warping.
  • To remove dust and loose dirt, use a soft hat brush or hat sponge:
    1. Start on the crown on the top front and pull the brush or sponge through the crease.
    2. Next, go around the circumference of the crown, starting at the front, and work your way around to the back moving the brush or sponge counter-clockwise.
    3. Move to the top side of the brim and go counter-clockwise with the brush or sponge.
    4. Finally, move to the bottom side of the brim and go clockwise with the brush or sponge.
  • Avoid heat from stoves, radiators, lamps, hair dryers, or enclosed cars. Direct sunlight combined with perspiration can misshape your hat.
  • If your hat gets wet, shake off the excess water, and turn down the leather sweatband to allow the hat to dry naturally. While the hat is wet, don’t place it near a heat source because heat can cause shrinkage and damage to your hat.
How can I measure my head for a hat?

Wrap measuring tape or a piece of string around your head about 1/8” above your ears across the mid-forehead. Make sure the fit is snug but not too tight or your hat will be uncomfortable to wear. Serratelli Hat Company makes hats from size 6¾ to 7¾. Use the chart below to convert your head size to a hat size.

Hat Sizing Chart
Can I send my old hat to Serratelli Hat Company to be cleaned, refurbished, or reshaped?

Our business is devoted to manufacturing new hats. We do not accept hats returned to our factory for cleaning, refurbishing, or shaping. Many of our authorized retailers provide these services, so we recommend you bring your hat to a local store for assistance. You can find authorized retailers on our Store Locator page.

What should I do if I have an issue with my Serratelli hat?

Serratelli Hat Company works with our retailers to make sure customers are satisfied with the quality and workmanship of our hats. If you have any problem with your Serratelli hat, contact the authorized retailer where you purchased your hat as soon as possible. Retailers require proof of purchase before accepting a hat for return or exchange, so don’t forget to bring your receipt.

Can I become a Serratelli Hat Company retailer?

We’re happy to add your business to our list of authorized retailers if you meet our minimum order and credit requirements. Please contact your area Sales Rep for more information. If you are not sure who that is, contact us at